• Ruckus

    Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what’s possible in wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordability. We call this Pervasive Performance. See what Ruckus is all about

    We've been singularly focused on Pervasive Performance in wireless since beginning operations in 2004, and we continue to lead the industry in performance innovation. We have never relied on off-the-shelf, reference design radio technology – it just doesn’t deliver the capacity, range or interference mitigation necessary to make the dream of high performance wireless a reality. Instead, we’ve assembled a team of the best and brightest wireless minds in the world to deliver the creative solutions needed to realize our Pervasive Performance vision.
    Ruckus can provide all  of the components necessary to deliver Pervasive Performance. Sure, there are plenty of companies who can claim a few of these features, but none can provide the complete package. That's why Ruckus has and continues to be a market leader in smart wireless systems. It's simply the smartest wireless for a mobile world.

  • Cisco

    Access Points
    Combine the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks.

    Wireless LAN Controllers
    Support small or large wireless network deployments with flexible deployment models, including new virtualization options.

    Mobility Services and Management
    Deliver rich mobility services, and unify the management and monitoring of your wireless network.

    Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Wireless
    Centrally manage campus and distributed wireless networks via the cloud

    Outdoor Wireless Access Points
    Deliver real-time access to people, applications, and network resources, transforming down-time into productive time.

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  • RAD data communications

    RADWIN is a leading global provider of wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint solutions in the sub-6GHz space.
    RADWIN’s wireless solutions deliver Voice, Video and Data on a single platform with high capacity. The systems incorporate cutting-edge technologies and interference mitigation techniques, including MIMO and OFDM. The highly durable solutions operate flawlessly in all environments and are extremely simple to install and maintain.
    RADWIN’s solutions are ideal for a broad range of markets and applications, and are deployed in over 140 countries. The Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint solutions are used by Tier-1 carriers and service providers for backhaul and broadband access applications. They are used by enterprises and private networks to boost network capacity and eliminate leased line charges. The systems are also used by public safety agencies worldwide for high definition video surveillance.

    RADWIN at-a-Glance

    • Sub-6 GHz wireless broadband radio experts
    • Complete Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint product portfolio
    • Deployments in over 140 countries
    • Part of RAD Group, Israel’s largest telecommunications group
    • Regional offices worldwide; extensive network of partners
    • Backhaul, Access & Video Transmission solutions

  • Ligowave

    LigoWave was founded in 2007 as a manufacturer and developer of high performance, versatile wireless solutions for Wireless Internet Service Providers and Telecoms across the globe. Making use of industry-leading wireless technology, LigoWave products are developed with the carrier-grade customer in mind. By utilizing cutting edge hardware platforms as well as robust software technology to handle the security and management needs of today’s growing wireless infrastructure, LigoWave products deliver a customized wireless solution with performance and stability that is unparalleled in the wireless market today.

    LigoWave broadband access solutions operate in licensed and unlicensed frequency bands and work in a point-to-point (LigoPTP) scenario. All LigoWave products use a proprietary protocol which ensures robustness and exceptional performance. Years of experience in the wireless industry and feedback from our customers, partners and colleagues allows us to develop a carrier-grade product line with exclusive features not seen elsewhere in the market today.

    Along with our high-quality products, we offer exceptional guidance and support for our customers scattered throughout 150 countries around the world. Our customer base ranges from Telecom operators to smaller wireless internet service providers, system integrators and wireless equipment distributors.

  • Deliberant

    Deliberant, established in 2003, is one of the fastest growing wireless technology manufacturers in the world. Deliberant offers a complete line of dependable high-speed wireless equipment and accessories. Deliberant products are used by thousands of customers in over 100 countries. By combining industry leading quality with low-cost development and manufacturing techniques, Deliberant is able to provide WISPs with the proven technology and the expertise they need to stay ahead of the competition.

    Deliberant is founded on and committed to the following principles:
    We will provide the highest quality products and strive for superior value.
    We will provide legendary customer support.
    We will treat our customers as business partners.
    We will deal with our customers, suppliers and partners with unquestioned integrity.
    Our success comes from our commitment to provide the WISP industry with the highest quality and value in all of our products and backing those products with exceptional customer support and collaboration.